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Outsource Web Design to FilSupport

Outsource Web Design to FilSupport

Responsive Design, One Layout Fits All Screens

Did you know that more and more people are browsing the web through mobile devices? If you already have a website or are about to build one, you definitely need to know why responsive web design is an absolute must today. With a responsive website, you ensure that your visitors retain the best customer experience while on your website by keeping a layout that works no matter what device they're using. Unlike most sites today, our responsive websites will look good viewed on desktops, laptops, tablets or smartphones – enabling you to retain more visitors and convert them into more sales.

Filsupport's Responsive Layout Sample

Outsource Web Design to FilSupport


Outsource Web Design to FilSupport


Outsource Web Design to FilSupport


Outsource Web Design to FilSupport

Outsource Web Design to Filsupport

Why outsource web design to Filsupport? There are many reasons but the main point is this: we utilize world-class web development standards to provide our clients the most effective websites for their business. We understand how your website becomes an integral part of your brand, your products and services. We first consult with you to fully grasp your business so we can design a website that's built to give you the online presence you need to expand your market in the modern world. Then we work with you step by step and help you realize your new online home.

Before and After

The old site had static content, the website wasn't built on SEO research and information architecture and was not able to convey the uniqueness and value of the client.The new Goodman Law Group website was meant to do three things. Make the client ready to a flood of leads from SEO, convert leads through topic-specific forms and to be able to portray the client for his values and experience.

The prior design was very minimalistic and based on Google Analytic research, it showed that people ran out of options and would often opt to leave the website from the home page.

The new design has more options and some fundamental real estate functionality from the Get Go, the site was also re-wired and targeted to enhancing the Seo and to be able to beat the competitors for KWs for each community in Las Vegas.

The old site had a good enough layout, but they had no information architecture to support any Seo possible. Infact, the client had been missing on so much business due to the poorly supported website.

The new design showcased homes using different search criteria right from the sliders. The home page itself has plenty of options on how to find the right home for buyers.

The old Haveababy site was made in Joomla, not the best of choices for content management especially for a website that had plenty of it. The new website we made took 1-2 months to just work offline, so that we could come up with the perfect aesthetics needed and it needed to be a Search Engine Magnet.

Manual – one word to describe the old site, everything had to be manually. Forms, verification of clients and applicants had to be done manually. This was tiresome for the clients.

We actually made this website in Drupal, Joomla, Kohana and then finally we decided to split the website into two. Wordpress as the CMS and a custom backend where users could search for donors and surrogates. Everything has now been turned to full-automated.

    FilSupport BPO - SEO and Web Design Outsourcing Company
    FilSupport BPO - SEO and Web Design Outsourcing Company

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